2019-05-21 Rohit Zambre[2019] adding link to Giuseppe's presentation master
2019-05-17 Min Siadd opening remarks for ashes 2019
2019-05-17 Min Sidelete unused doc and added real proposal
2019-05-13 Rohit Zambre[2019] update keynote details
2019-05-11 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating opening remarks
2019-05-09 Rohit Zambre[2019] update Hartwig's affiliation to reflect both...
2019-05-08 Rohit Zambre[2019] adding session chairs of programs
2019-05-07 Rohit Zambre[2019] updated time for session 3
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2019-02-14 Rohit Zambre[2019] update camera-ready deadline
2019-02-10 Rohit Zambre[2019] update paper notification and camera-ready deadlines
2019-02-01 Rohit Zambre[2019] final deadline extension
2019-01-24 Rohit Zambre[2019] include the previous submission date
2019-01-24 Rohit Zambre[2019] update submission deadline
2019-01-14 Rohit Zambre[2019] update PC list
2018-12-20 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating topic of special issue
2018-12-20 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating call for papers
2018-12-18 Rohit Zambre[2019] update description of the workshop
2018-11-15 Rohit Zambre[2019] removing redundant comment
2018-11-14 Rohit Zambre[2019] announcement for special issue in PARCO + list...
2018-11-13 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating PC list
2018-11-05 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating links of members who have responded
2018-11-05 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating more links and affliations of members...
2018-11-05 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating links and affiliations of members who...
2018-11-04 Rohit Zambre[2019] updating links and affiliations of some members
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2017-08-19 Min SiConfirmed 9 accepted papers in 2017.
2017-08-18 Min SiCommented out three dropped PCs.
2017-08-18 Min SiAddressed comments received in 2016 proposal.
2017-08-18 Min SiAdjusted proposal for 2018 (red text need fix).
2017-08-18 Min SiCopied 2017 proposal for 2018.
2017-05-24 Adrian Castelloopening remarks modified
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2017-05-08 Adrian Castellokeynote info added
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