2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: separated user/ghost global obj init. master
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: moved all global objs into single structure.
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: moved CSP_GROUP_LOCAL to local var.
2016-08-19 Min SiCleaned up code format in initialization (MPI_Init_thread).
2016-08-19 Min SiAlways set false noncontig in internal win_allocate_shared.
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: separate shared win alloc code in win_allo...
2016-08-19 Min SiRemoved user_base_addrs_in_local in ghost win (unused).
2016-08-19 Min SiBug-fix: use addr of first non-zero segment in win_alloc.
2016-08-19 Min SiAdded a note about noncontig hint in README.
2016-08-18 Min SiAdded wrapper function generation for MPI IO.
2016-08-18 Min SiAdded non-supported features in README.
2016-04-03 Jeff Hammonddeal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t the right way
2016-04-03 Pavan BalajiRevert "deal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t"
2016-04-03 Jeff Hammonddeal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t
2015-12-15 Min SiRemoved unsupported func notice in README.
2015-11-05 Min SiImproved error message for shm region detection.
2015-09-03 Min SiRenamed epoch_type to epochs_used.
2015-09-03 Min SiPerf-test-fix: use appropriate epoch to reset window.
2015-08-25 Min SiImplemented exclusive lock routine for ghost commands.
2015-08-17 Min SiAdded a test case in test/win_allocate.
2015-08-17 Min SiBug-fix: get ghost ranks in user-ghost communicator.
2015-08-17 Min SiImplemented flush_local{all}.
2015-08-17 Min SiSimplified code related to segment windows.
2015-08-17 Min SiRenamed flag name for local RMA optimization option.
2015-08-17 Min SiRenamed active_win to global_win.
2015-08-17 Min SiCleaned up synchronization calls.
2015-08-14 Min SiCleaned up introduction for optimization options.
2015-08-14 Min SiUse only active window for lock-all only mode.
2015-08-13 Min SiCleaned up error messages.
2015-08-13 Min SiRewrote ghost command routine.
2015-08-13 Min SiCleaned up unused or locally used global vars in initth...
2015-08-11 Min SiSeparated header files and Makefile.
2015-08-10 Min SiChanged file paths of init/finalize functions.
2015-08-10 Min SiRenamed func -> cmd.
2015-08-10 Min SiFixed finalize bug.
2015-08-10 Min SiAdded a test to cache finalize bug.
2015-08-03 Min SiCleaned up test/
2015-07-30 Min SiAlways copy confdb from main directory to test/.
2015-07-21 Min SiAdded a note for the non-portable u_* type issue in...
2015-07-21 Min SiChanged strict option to --enable-stricttest for test...
2015-07-21 Min SiDrop error message reported by 'which' in
2015-07-20 Min SiAdded rpath for casper test programs.
2015-07-20 Min SiFixed echo -n portability issue in
2015-07-20 Min SiTest-cleanup: fixed compile warning under test/perf
2015-07-20 Min SiAdded test/ and OS-dependent impls in ctest.h
2015-07-19 Min SiGet number of ghosts by using CSP_ghost_size in test...
2015-07-19 Min SiModified copyright year in
2015-07-18 Min SiDefined a query function to check the size of ghost...
2015-07-17 Min SiTest-cleanup under test/perf.
2015-07-17 Min SiFixed clang warning
2015-07-17 Min SiTest-cleanup: remove non-csp tests and set -L -l in...
2015-07-17 Min SiDefined generic routines used by test programs.
2015-07-17 Min SiAdded namespace "CSP_" for DEBUG/WARN environment varia...
2015-07-17 Min SiRenamed src/mpi directory to src/user.
2015-07-17 Min SiTest-fix: fixed several places warning at compile time.
2015-07-17 Min SiMoved comment for lock binding.
2015-07-17 Min SiCleaned up macros defined in csp.h.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiUpdate .gitignore.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiPull the latest version of confdb from mpich.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiRemove unnecessary comment.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiRemove unnecessary CFLAGS default.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiUse confdb macro for ATTRIBUTE support.
2015-07-17 Pavan BalajiRemove unnecessary weak-symbols check.
2015-07-16 Min SiCode cleanup.
2015-07-16 Min clean up.
2015-07-15 Min SiFixed compile warning in debug message.
2015-07-15 Min SiRewrote window release routine to reduce duplicate...
2015-07-10 Min SiTest-fix: remove lock since epoch_used does not include it.
2015-07-10 Min SiDisabled hidden byte for local lock and removed ghost...
2015-07-10 Min SiBug-fix: use consistent size for ghost win size.
2015-07-08 Min SiAdded win_name info for debug use.
2015-07-07 Min SiAdded user control for async state.
2015-07-06 Min SiBug-fix: minor typo in lock/unlock epoch check.
2015-07-06 Min SiAdded verbose level-2 in win_allocate.
2015-07-06 Min SiBug-fix: minor type in win_sync.
2015-07-06 Min SiMarked some bugs in segment-binding (fixed 1).
2015-07-06 Min SiAdded error handler on ghost processes.
2015-07-03 Min SiRewrote communicator error handler functions.
2015-07-02 Min SiSet name for comm_user_world.
2015-07-02 Min SiBug-fix: replace all comm input arguments with comm_use...
2015-07-02 Min SiScript format cleanup.
2015-06-30 Min SiFixed typo in debug code.
2015-06-30 Min SiRewrote local RMA optimization.
2015-06-29 Min SiFixed icc warning.
2015-06-29 Min SiImplemented Win_get_attr to override win_create flavor.
2015-06-29 Min SiAdded eager pscw sync option.
2015-06-29 Min SiImplemented Win_test.
2015-06-26 Min SiFixed minor compiling error in runtime-load-enabled...
2015-06-26 Min SiAdded verbose env flag and runtime-load, epoch check...
2015-06-26 Min SiImplemented remaining RMA operations.
2015-06-26 Min SiRewrote access epoch status routine.
2015-06-22 Min SiAdded MPI_PROC_NULL for operations/per-target sync...
2015-06-19 Min SiTest-fix: added lock/unlock for window buffer reset.
2015-06-19 Min SiChanged to support user specified mpi path.
2015-06-19 Min SiRemoved unused functions.
2015-06-19 Min SiChanged func/type format CSP_Foo->CSP_foo.
2015-06-19 Min SiAdded a test to check win_allocate with MPI info hints.
2015-06-19 Min SiRenamed some internal functions for better format.
2015-06-19 Min SiReplaced all calloc to malloc+memset.
2015-06-19 Min SiMoved window binding to a separate file.