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last changeFri, 19 Aug 2016 14:48:13 +0000
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: separated user/ghost global obj init. master
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: moved all global objs into single structure.
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: moved CSP_GROUP_LOCAL to local var.
2016-08-19 Min SiCleaned up code format in initialization (MPI_Init_thread).
2016-08-19 Min SiAlways set false noncontig in internal win_allocate_shared.
2016-08-19 Min SiCode-format: separate shared win alloc code in win_allo...
2016-08-19 Min SiRemoved user_base_addrs_in_local in ghost win (unused).
2016-08-19 Min SiBug-fix: use addr of first non-zero segment in win_alloc.
2016-08-19 Min SiAdded a note about noncontig hint in README.
2016-08-18 Min SiAdded wrapper function generation for MPI IO.
2016-08-18 Min SiAdded non-supported features in README.
2016-04-03 Jeff Hammonddeal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t the right way
2016-04-03 Pavan BalajiRevert "deal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t"
2016-04-03 Jeff Hammonddeal with MPIR_Win_flavor_t
2015-12-15 Min SiRemoved unsupported func notice in README.
2015-11-05 Min SiImproved error message for shm region detection.
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