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last changeWed, 4 Oct 2017 21:01:48 +0000
2017-10-04 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Add flag for embedded mode master
2016-01-04 Ken RaffenettiAdd decl for pthread_yield, if needed.
2014-06-27 Antonio J.... Updated contact information in COPYRIGHT
2014-06-27 Antonio J.... Updated trac URLs
2013-01-11 Dave Goodellupdate CHANGELOG+README for v1.0.4 release
2013-01-11 Dave Goodellbump version number to 1.0.4 for a new release
2012-12-19 Neil FortnerAdd more memory barriers to LL/SC ABA tests. This...
2012-12-05 Dave Goodelladd .gitignore file
2012-10-08 Dave Goodell[svn-r152] fix incorrect PPC LL/SC comment
2012-10-08 Kazutomo Yoshii[svn-r151] added preliminary ARM support. only tested...
2012-10-04 Pavan Balaji[svn-r150] IBM-contributed patch: Added support for...
2012-09-26 Dave Goodell[svn-r149] tweak intel header includes
2012-09-06 Pavan Balaji[svn-r148] svn:ignores.
2012-09-05 Dave Goodell[svn-r147] Revert r145: "Since we now depend on automak...
2012-09-03 Pavan Balaji[svn-r146] svn:ignore.
2012-08-30 Pavan Balaji[svn-r145] Since we now depend on automake-1.12.3,...
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