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last changeFri, 22 Sep 2017 23:31:37 +0000
32 hours ago Chongxiao CaoCH4: Honor MPI_MODE_NOCHECK master
3 days ago Rashid Kaleemch4: Fix interpretation of MPIR_Object_release_ref
5 days ago James Dinanpmi/simple: Add error checks to singleton init path
5 days ago James Dinanpmi/simple: Initialize socket struct used in singleton...
8 days ago Ken Raffenetticonfig: Remove obsolete code
8 days ago Ken RaffenettiExpose ABI string
8 days ago Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Set mem_tag_format
8 days ago Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Add protocol mask capset
8 days ago Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Move compile-time-only capsets to correct...
8 days ago Erik Paulsonch4/ofi: Remove ep_nocmpl from RMA window logic
9 days ago Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Check the delivered size of iovecs
9 days ago Wesley Blandmpi: Modify MPIR_Get_elements_x_impl to report unused...
11 days ago Nusrat Islamch4/ofi: Non-contiguous huge message transfer over...
11 days ago Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Align iovec buffers properly
11 days ago Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Add a capability for iovec alignment
11 days ago Hajime Fujitampl: Check alignment attribute support
10 months ago v3.3a2 tagging 'v3.3a2'
12 months ago v3.3a1
22 months ago v3.2 tagging 'v3.2'
22 months ago v3.2rc2 tagging 'v3.2rc2'
23 months ago v3.2rc1 Tagging 'v3.2rc1'
2 years ago v3.2b4 tagging 'v3.2b4'
2 years ago v3.2b3 tagging 'v3.2b3'
2 years ago v3.2b2 tagging 'v3.2b2'
2 years ago v3.2b1 tagging 'v3.2b1'
2 years ago v3.1.4 tagging 'v3.1.4'
2 years ago v3.2a2 tagging v3.2a2
2 years ago v3.1.3 tagging 'v3.1.3'
3 years ago v3.2a1 tagging v3.2a1
3 years ago v3.1.2 tagging 'v3.1.2'
3 years ago v3.1.1 tagging 'v3.1.1'
3 years ago v3.1 tagging v3.1
32 hours ago master
8 months ago 3.2.x
2 years ago 3.1.x