descriptionMPICH testing repository
last changeFri, 13 Jun 2014 21:27:43 +0000
2014-06-13 Ken Raffenettiget mpirun command from MPIEXEC envvar master
2014-06-13 Wesley BlandFix the mpich1 coll6 test
2014-06-13 Wesley BlandMove the MPICH1 tests into their own directory
2014-06-13 Wesley BlandAdd the bin dir from the mpich1 test suite
2014-06-13 Pavan BalajiWorkaround bug in Intel compiler.
2014-06-13 William GroppFixed bug in declaration
2014-06-13 William GroppFixed bug in declaration
2014-06-13 William GroppAdded missing errhandler free
2014-06-13 William GroppAdded missing free of keyval
2014-06-13 William GroppAdded support for MPI3 changes to parameters
2014-06-13 William GroppMinor warning squash plus better error reporting
2014-06-13 Dave Goodellfix mpich1 coll7 test similar to mpich2 trunk@r6953
2014-06-13 Dave GoodellMerge changes to coll2/coll3 tests from the mpich2...
2014-06-13 Dave GoodellFix for mpich2 req #3592 "aborttest". This test now...
2014-06-13 William GroppMinor fixes for tests on requests
2014-06-13 William GroppAdded include of stdarg.h
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