2018-02-01 Kavitha Tiptur... hwloc: null check for cpuset master
2018-02-01 Akhil Langercoll: TSP collectives framework
2018-02-01 Pavan BalajiUse MPIR_<coll> instead of MPID_<coll>
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajich3: warning squash
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajiupdate copyright years for all files
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajimaint: improve copyright checker
2018-02-01 Akhil LangerMove MPIR_Localcopy function to misc folder
2018-02-01 Akhil Langercoll: Add copyright to the Makefiles
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajicoll: minor function renames
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajicoll: white space changes
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajicoll: improve comment wording
2018-02-01 Akhil Langermpl: Add utility functions to mpl_math.h
2018-02-01 Akhil LangerAdd debug class for collectives
2018-02-01 Akhil Langercoll: Add Ibcast prefix to ibcast util functions
2018-02-01 Akhil Langercoll: Change name of ibcast status struct
2018-02-01 Wesley Blandmpl: Add collectives memory class
2018-01-30 Wesley BlandFix .sln line endings
2018-01-30 Kavitha Tiptur... hwloc: upgrade to hwloc-2.0.0rc2.
2018-01-30 Kavitha Tiptur... hydra: remove replicate membind option
2018-01-30 Kavitha Tiptur... hwloc: remove io devices filter
2018-01-30 Ken Raffenettidatatype: Ensure MPIR_Type_get_contents goes in libpmpi
2018-01-29 Ken Raffenetticomm: Convert char to int type for boolean values
2018-01-29 Ken Raffenetticomm: Remove anonymous union/struct in MPIR_Comm
2018-01-29 Wesley Blandch4: Squash uninitialized warning
2018-01-29 Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Squash uninitialized variable warning
2018-01-29 Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Change am buffer allocation to malloc
2018-01-26 Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Enable scalable enpoints for psm2
2018-01-25 Alexey Malkhanovch4/stubshm: Remove duplicate startall definition
2018-01-25 Alexey Malkhanovch4/stubshm: Change count type to MPI_Aint
2018-01-25 Alexey Malkhanovch4/nm: Add missing collective definitions
2018-01-25 Alexey Malkhanovch4/nm: Fix request type in function signatures
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenettierrhan: Include system headers later
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenettich4/ucx: Update submodule
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenettihwloc: Update submodule
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenettipm/hydra: Update embedded hwloc settings
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Update embedded hwloc settings
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenettich3/nemesis: Include system headers later
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Change max_buffered_send to uint16_t
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandcoll: Remove unused labels
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandbinding/mpif: Squash uninitialized variable warning
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandch4: Squash uninitialized variable warning
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandmpi: Squash uninitialized warnings
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandch4: Squash unused variable warnings
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandch4: Remove unused init_comm function
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandmpir: Initialize CHKLMEM_DECL memory
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandmpi: Guard function with debug logging #ifdef
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandhydra: Squash warning about unexpected assignment
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandmpit: Avoid shadowing variable
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandmpl: Avoid shadowing variable
2018-01-22 Wesley Blandch4: Remove unnecessary malloc
2018-01-19 Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Create one VNI by default
2018-01-19 Gengbin Zhengromio: Enable system extentions
2018-01-19 Gengbin Zhengromio: Include system headers later
2018-01-19 Gengbin Zhengmpl: Enable system extentions
2018-01-19 Gengbin Zhengmpl: Include system headers after mpl.h
2018-01-19 Ken Raffenettich3/nemesis: Remove unused code
2018-01-19 Ken Raffenettimpl/shm: Add missing memory class for allocation in...
2018-01-19 Ken Raffenettimpl/shm: Fix function namespace in sysv impl
2018-01-18 Wei-keng Liaoromio: Initialize error_code before calling MPIO_DATATY...
2018-01-17 Akhil Langerromio: Fix shadow variable warning
2018-01-17 Ken Raffenettich4/ucx: Fix snprintf usage
2018-01-17 Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Honor max_msg_size when using iov
2018-01-17 Hajime Fujitach4/ofi: Refactor iov send/recv code
2018-01-17 Wesley Blandch4/ofi: Move sync_send_ack bit out of protocol mask
2018-01-16 Akhil Langerch4: Change count type to MPI_Aint in send/recv functions
2018-01-16 Sannikov, Alexanderch4/ofi: Avoid race condition when poking progress
2018-01-16 Sannikov, Alexanderch4: Define more fine-grained progress controls
2018-01-15 Wesley Blandhwloc: Update submodule
2018-01-14 Pavan Balajich4: distinguish the collective name from the algo...
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerromio: prevent erroneous inclusion of mpioprof.h
2018-01-14 Wesley Blandcoll: Change MPID collective calls to MPIR
2018-01-14 Wesley Blandcoll: Reintroduce MPIR_<coll>_impl functions
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Add fn entry/exit debug macros to mpidu_sched
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerofi: Move common code out of the #ifdef-else construct
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4: Refer to array element through a tmp var
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4/shm/posix: Convert if-elseif construct to switch...
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4/generic: Move var to case where it is used
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4/generic: Move params inside each case in startall fn
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4u: Add request util fns to calculate tag, context_offset
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4u: Change variable name from tag to match_bits
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Remove unused variable from reduce/allreduce
2018-01-14 Akhil Langeradio: Fix uninitialized variable warnings
2018-01-14 Akhil Langeradio: Remove unused variable
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Add Makefiles for op,reduce_local,allreduce_group
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4: document p_type variable
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Change MPID/MPIR_I<coll> to accept MPIR_Request **
2018-01-14 Akhil LangerMove request related API impl to new folder
2018-01-14 Akhil LangerCall MPIR_Request_create with relevant request kind
2018-01-14 Akhil Langermpierr: Protect macro variables with parentheses
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerofi: Move comment to correct location
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerch4: Move startall fn to separate file
2018-01-14 Akhil Langerop: Typo fix in comment
2018-01-14 Akhil Langermpl: Move math functions in coll_util.h to mpl_math.h
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Move MPIR_Op_is_commutative fn to op folder
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Move allreduce_group fn decls to its own header...
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Use pof2 from MPIR_Comm
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Store power of 2 in MPIR_Comm
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Use MPIU_pof2
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: make comment more informative and fix typo
2018-01-14 Akhil Langercoll: Remove dead code from a reduce_scatter* algo