hwloc: null check for cpuset
[mpich-dev.git] / test /
2018-01-14 Pavan BalajiAdd consistent ifndef protection to headers.
2017-12-01 Min Sitest/mpi/rma: added a rget+testall test.
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajitest: update cmsplit_type to test for topology.
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajitest: white space cleanup for the cmsplit_type test
2017-11-08 Wesley Blandmpl: Add memory class for tracing
2017-11-03 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi: Increase manyget test timeout
2017-11-03 Chongxiao Caotest/mpi: Add large data size for get_accumulate test
2017-11-01 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/configure: Test for F08 support
2017-10-22 Pavan Balajitest: restrict check for neighborhood split type.
2017-10-20 Pavan BalajiUpdate copyright dates.
2017-10-10 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi: Fix test to detect invalid argument
2017-08-24 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi: Add ft tests to .gitignore
2017-08-24 Nathan T. Weekstest/mpi: Add ft/failure_ack to testlist
2017-08-24 Hajime Fujitatest/mpi: Enable spaiccreate2 test
2017-08-17 Neelimatest/mpi: xfail getcnterr test
2017-08-17 Neelimatest/mpi: Enable errors/datatype tests
2017-08-17 Neelimatest/mpi: Add test programs for NULL argument checks
2017-08-10 Wesley Blanddtype: Move datatype objects to top-level namespace
2017-07-28 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi: Fixup [a37c3d1052a4]
2017-07-28 Neelimatest/mpi: Add test for concurrent non-contig receive
2017-07-27 Ken RaffenettiRevert "test/mpi: Add tests for NULL argument errors"
2017-07-24 Neelimatest/mpi: Add tests for NULL argument errors
2017-07-07 Wesley Blandmtest: Add timing to test script and output
2017-06-06 Min Sitest/mpi: improve rma/win_shared_zerobyte.
2017-05-08 Min SiTest: added more tests in rma/win_info.
2017-05-08 Min SiTest: reformatted rma/win_info test.
2017-04-20 Yanfei Guotest/spawn: Avoid potential deadlock in join test
2017-04-20 Yanfei Guotest: Update timeout for errors/spawn with CH4.
2017-04-11 Hajime FujitaAdd test cases for accumulate_ordering set/get
2017-04-10 Wesley Blandmtest: Add test for huge anysrc handling
2017-04-10 Wesley Blandmtest: Add huge_underflow test
2017-02-22 Lena Odentest/mpi: Add test to detect race conditions with Win_fence
2017-02-10 Halim Amermtest: avoid destroying uninitialized thread barriers
2017-02-07 Wesley Blandmtest: Fix debug output check
2017-01-25 Wesley Blandtest/mpi/pt2pt: xfail issendselfcancel
2016-12-20 Lena OdenAdd test to check for info-argument at window-create...
2016-12-19 Min SiAdded a test to check receive with any source.
2016-12-19 Min SiAdded an RMA test to check nested lock.
2016-12-15 Hajime FujitaAdd an option to disable large message tests
2016-12-15 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi: Add 8GB version of large type test
2016-11-12 Pavan BalajiFix copyrights.
2016-11-05 Min SiTest-fix: fix win create disp_unit.
2016-11-03 Paul Coffmantestsuite: Mark remaining send cancel test as xfail
2016-11-03 Paul Coffmantestsuite: allow alternative file name for 'summary...
2016-10-31 Halim Amertest/mpi: Fix wrong variable type declaration
2016-10-11 Rob Lathammove ASYNCHRONOUS attributes for all tests
2016-10-11 Rob LathamA more standard check for large file support
2016-10-05 Jeff Hammondtest/mpi: Use correct type for MPI_Datatype
2016-10-03 Hajime Fujitatest/mpi: Fix error messages in uoplong
2016-09-29 Rob Lathamfix test to declare ASYNC variable out of block
2016-09-21 Pavan BalajiAdded dtype_send to the list of ignores
2016-09-21 Pavan BalajiSort gitignore listing
2016-09-21 Pavan Balajitestsuite: added a test to show failures with many...
2016-09-20 Min SiIncrease many_isend msg size thus only need 3 procs.
2016-09-20 Min SiRemove many-isend test's xfail.
2016-09-14 Pavan BalajiAdded a pack_external test file from Intel.
2016-09-12 Min SiFixed warning in mtest after commit eaf5c0cb. get_acc_no_op_testfix
2016-09-12 Min SiCompile warning fix for test rma/get_accumulate.
2016-09-12 Min SiReset result buffer for get_accumulate NO_OP tests.
2016-09-02 Min SiAdded tests to check comm_connect timeout.
2016-08-31 Min SiAdded a test to check RMAs issued over overlapping...
2016-08-21 Ken RaffenettiRevert "test/mpi/configure.ac: Enable all Fortran by...
2016-08-19 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/configure.ac: Enable all Fortran by default
2016-08-18 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/configure.ac: Modify f08 settings
2016-07-15 Hajime FujitaAdd a test case for many large message transfers
2016-07-15 Hajime FujitaAdd a test case for Rget+unlock synchronization
2016-07-12 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/topo: add sentinel value to baddims.h
2016-07-11 William GroppBetter test for MPI_Dims_create
2016-05-31 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/rma: fix printf arg order in selfrma.c
2016-05-20 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/.gitignore: add missing f08 test artifacts
2016-05-20 Artem Yalozotest/mpi/f08: add test for MPI_CART_SUB
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiMake MPIR, MPIU, MPID, MPII, MPICH namespace consistent.
2016-04-21 Wesley BlandRename MPID_Group to MPIR_Group
2016-03-11 Rob Lathamsmall 64-to-32 fixup in tests
2016-02-23 Yanfei Guotest/mpi/spawn: fix invalid pointer bug
2016-02-22 Yanfei Guotest/mpi/cxx/comm: fix incorrect reference bug
2016-02-19 Yanfei Guocleanup mixed indentation and white spaces
2016-02-19 Yanfei GuoFix Valgrind errors
2016-02-19 Rob Lathama test for fs-aware split_type
2016-02-18 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/mtestthread: header file cleanup
2016-02-05 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/spawn: remove xfail for spawn-rootargs
2016-02-05 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/spawn: fixup spawn-rootargs test
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajimem: move the memory allocation code to MPL.
2016-01-26 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/impls/hydra: update binding references
2016-01-24 Min SiAdded timeout info in junit/tap output for failed tests.
2016-01-24 Min SiAdded timeout multiplier in test suite.
2016-01-22 Rob Lathamclean up test case slightly
2016-01-18 Min SiAdded a test to detect mxm failure and mark xfail.
2016-01-11 Yanfei Guoadd Argonne copyright statement
2016-01-03 Jeff Hammondtest/mpi/coll: abort gather_big if np<ROOT+1
2016-01-03 Jeff Hammondtest/mpi/rma: abort allgatherv4 if np<3.
2016-01-01 Jeff Hammondtest/mpi/rma: abort derived-acc-flush_local if np<3
2015-12-12 Charles J Archertest/mpi/rma: use lower bound for window calculations
2015-12-08 Rob Lathamtest/mpi/io: test case for external32 bug
2015-11-24 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/pt2pt/mprobe: remove temporary ifdefs
2015-11-22 Pavan BalajiMark spawn-rootargs as an xfail again.
2015-11-21 Pavan BalajiEnable some more xfail tests.
2015-11-03 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/.gitignore: add missing f90 test
2015-10-30 Hari Subramonitest/mpi/pt2pt: check large message count
2015-10-28 Jeff SquyresMPI_Aint_* tests: use MPI_INTEGER datatype in Fortran