hwloc: null check for cpuset
[mpich-dev.git] / maint /
2018-02-01 Pavan Balajimaint: improve copyright checker
2018-01-14 Pavan Balajicoll: keep cvar description formatting.
2017-12-21 Ken Raffenettimaint: Update version.m4 for next pre-release
2017-11-20 Yanfei Guomaint: remove required patches to the submodules.
2017-11-15 Pavan BalajiAdded new hwloc warning squash patch.
2017-11-13 Wesley BlandUse regular patch files instead of git patches
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajihwloc: locally maintained patches
2017-11-03 Wesley Blandmaint: Add default ignore list to code-cleanup script
2017-11-03 Wesley Blandmaint: Add cuddle-else to code cleanup script
2017-11-03 Ken Raffenettimaint: Update release.pl to archive submodules correctly
2017-11-02 Pavan Balajimaint: move patches to a common directory
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajimaint: update release.pl to do a recursive clone.
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiucx: added a submodule for ucx v1.2.1
2017-10-26 Ken Raffenettimaint: Add support for packaging UCX with MPICH
2017-08-10 gnzlbgmaint: adds bootstrap.sh script that downloads/compiles...
2017-07-06 Wesley Blandmaint: Improve indent/gindent detection
2017-07-06 Wesley Blandmaint: Improve code-cleanup script
2017-07-06 Wesley Blandmaint: Expand -kr flag to cleanup script
2017-06-06 Ken RaffenettiSpecify Perl paths relative to current directory
2016-11-12 Ken RaffenettiUpdates for 3.3a2 release
2016-11-03 Charles J ArcherRemove unused labels to make compilers happy
2016-09-27 Pavan BalajiHandle allocation code has been long deleted.
2016-09-27 Pavan Balajisock: cleanup namespace for CH3 internal code.
2016-08-26 Ken Raffenettimaint/version.m4: Update version info and CHANGES
2016-08-25 Pavan Balajimaint: fixup mpich-replace
2016-08-25 Pavan Balajimaint: fixup the code-cleanup script.
2016-08-02 William GroppRepair broken documentation
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiMake MPIR, MPIU, MPID, MPII, MPICH namespace consistent.
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiRefactor mpiimpl.h and friends.
2016-04-21 Wesley BlandRename object types to MPIR
2016-04-21 Wesley BlandRename MPID_Datatype to MPIR_Datatype
2016-04-21 Wesley BlandRename lots of smaller objects from MPID to MPIR
2016-04-21 Wesley BlandRename MPID_Info to MPIR_Info
2016-02-19 Pavan Balajimaint: improvements to the git-conflicts script.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajimem: move the memory allocation code to MPL.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajimpidbg: move getfuncstack to a maint utility.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajirelease: verify version number in CHANGES file.
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajitimers: linuxalpha_cycle is no longer supported.
2016-01-05 Ken Raffenettimaint/mpich-replace.sh: use git grep instead of grep -r
2015-11-13 William GroppImprove "attempt to redefine" warning message
2015-11-10 Pavan BalajiUpdate version string for the 3.2 release.
2015-11-02 Pavan BalajiUpdate version number of release.
2015-10-29 Yanfei Guomaint: remove Jenkins scripts
2015-10-18 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: add MPICH copyright to Jenkins scripts
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: fix git clean
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: fix tarball build script
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: add timeout script for multinode jobs
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: xfail test failing on Portals 4 bug
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: build mpich-tarball on /sandbox
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: remove MXM_SHM_KCOPY_MODE=off for testing
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: remove killing for hydra_pmi_proxy
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: add multi-node test scripts
2015-10-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: print hostname in test worker scripts
2015-09-18 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: fix dir creation bug in test-worker.sh
2015-09-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: untar MPICH tarball on local disk
2015-09-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: fix a bug in the set-xfail.sh script
2015-09-17 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: add script to skip tests
2015-09-16 Yanfei Guomaint/jenkins: enable full test for nightly jobs
2015-09-15 William GroppFix misspelled comment in getcoverage
2015-09-15 William GroppFixes for coverage target.
2015-09-14 Ken Raffenettimaint/jenkins: xfail test failing on Portals 4 bug
2015-09-10 Yanfei GuoAdd scripts for setting XFAIL
2015-09-04 Yanfei GuoAdd build scripts for Jenkins test jobs
2015-08-14 Pavan BalajiAdded search/replace script to the maint directory.
2015-08-14 Charles J ArcherSecond round of code refactoring
2015-07-30 Pavan BalajiUpdate version number in preparation for the 3.2rc1...
2015-07-30 Pavan BalajiRequire libtool version 2.4.6.
2015-07-22 Pavan BalajiMinor correction to the git-conflicts script.
2015-07-14 Min SiReplace @PERL@ in maint/ with "/usr/bin/env perl".
2015-07-11 Pavan BalajiAdded a script to detect git conflicts.
2015-06-27 Junchao ZhangAdd a mechanism to remove F77 only lines in f77to90...
2015-06-25 Pavan BalajiPrepare for the 3.2b4 release.
2015-06-25 Halim AmerAdded a code cleanup script
2015-06-01 Ken Raffenettiupdate version and CHANGES for 3.2b3 v3.2b3
2015-05-06 Ken RaffenettiRevert "Patched libtool for inter-library dependency...
2015-04-28 Min SiPatched libtool for inter-library dependency on FreeBSD.
2015-04-23 Huiwei LuChanged MPICH version to 3.2b2
2015-04-22 Antonio J. PenaDisable MPICH2 tests by default in old nightlies
2015-03-02 Antonio J. PenaChanged MPICH version to 3.2b1
2015-02-19 Junchao ZhangUpdate libtool and automake versions in release.pl
2015-02-09 Ken Raffenettirequire libtool >= 2.4.3
2015-01-07 Ken Raffenettipatch libtool for ifort on darwin
2015-01-05 William GroppCheck for endif in f77tof90 to avoid false warning
2014-12-17 Junchao ZhangFix misleading text in doc for error code MPI_ERR_TYPE
2014-11-14 Pavan BalajiUpdate version information for 3.2a2.
2014-11-14 Junchao ZhangSupport spaces after @whatever@ in testlist
2014-11-12 Wesley BlandCorrectly handle errflag in MPI collectives
2014-10-07 Sangmin SeoUpdate version number for 3.1.3 release. v3.1.3
2014-09-22 Pavan BalajiCleanup release.pl to remove unnecessary code.
2014-09-02 Pavan BalajiUpdate version information for the 3.2a1 release.
2014-07-21 Junchao ZhangUpgraded revison number and release number
2014-07-14 Junchao ZhangSet MPIR_CVAR_MAX_STRLEN to a smaller value
2014-05-19 Pavan BalajiRemove mpd.
2014-04-27 Pavan BalajiUpdate version in preparation for the 3.1.1 release.
2014-04-26 Pavan BalajiFix the release script.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiMake "F77" an expert-level setting.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiMove mpif90 to mpifort and manf90.txt to manfort.txt.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiMake extractcvars VPATH build safe.
2014-04-02 Michael Blocksomeadd support for powerpcle
2014-04-01 Pavan BalajiRename mpich libraries.