hwloc: null check for cpuset
[mpich-dev.git] / configure.ac
2018-01-24 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Update embedded hwloc settings
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajihwloc: handle visibility cflags from hwloc
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajihwloc: added a submodule for hwloc 1.11.8
2017-11-07 Halim Amerizem: integration to the build system
2017-11-01 Ken Raffenetticonfigure: Fix F08 conditional
2017-10-06 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Enable embedded mode when building openpa
2017-04-18 Ken RaffenettiDisable overflow check if types are same size
2017-03-17 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Use relative path to embedded OPA source
2017-01-19 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Cleanup MPL substitutions in Makefiles
2017-01-03 Ken Raffenetticonfig: Move local debug options to top level
2016-12-01 Halim Amerconfigure.ac: remove the reliance on the MPID_NO_PMI...
2016-11-05 Min SiEnsure alignment access for received packet header.
2016-11-03 Paul Coffmanconfig: Use default cross file for specified host
2016-10-20 Charles J ArcherSymbol visibility
2016-10-17 Ken Raffenetticonfigure.ac: Use relative path to embedded OPA lib
2016-08-15 Wesley BlandAdd custom field to mpichversion
2016-07-25 Charles J ArcherAdd configuration to control tag error bits
2016-07-11 Ken RaffenettiFixes #2251 for MPI_Dims_create
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiMake MPIR, MPIU, MPID, MPII, MPICH namespace consistent.
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiUse size_t instead of MPIU_Size_t.
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiRefactor mpiimpl.h and friends.
2016-04-29 Pavan BalajiRemove handle allocation code.
2016-04-01 Yanfei Guompid/common/datatype: Rename mpid_ files to have mpidu_...
2016-02-18 Pavan BalajiUse (u)intptr_t instead of MPIU_(U)PINT.
2016-02-03 Ken Raffenetticonfigure.ac: fixup help string
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajistring: remove human readable token macros.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajimpidbg: initial move to MPL.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajimpidbg: move getfuncstack to a maint utility.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajithreads: initial move to MPL.
2016-01-27 Pavan Balajiutils: move sched yield code to MPL.
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajisafestr: remove unused MPIU and corresponding MPL funct...
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajitimers: initial move of the timer code to MPL.
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajitimers: added function pointers for the device model.
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajitimers: cleanup timer kind naming.
2016-01-06 Pavan Balajitimers: linuxalpha_cycle is no longer supported.
2015-12-17 Ken Raffenettilink MPL with included process managers
2015-12-14 Ken RaffenettiMPL: fix embedded/standalone options
2015-12-10 Ken Raffenettitypo: MPICH2 -> MPICH
2015-10-09 Halim AmerFixed the incorrect BLCR linking flag in configure.ac
2015-08-19 Pavan BalajiMPIU_ to MPICH_ conversion for configure-generated...
2015-08-18 Pavan BalajiPrefix MPICH-defined constants with MPICH.
2015-08-18 Pavan BalajiRemove unused macros.
2015-08-15 Halim AmerRefactor USE_xx to MPIU_xx in mpiu_timer*
2015-08-14 Charles J ArcherSecond round of code refactoring
2015-08-12 Charles J ArcherCode refactoring to clear up naming convention.
2015-07-28 Min SiAdded comment to explain why -flat-namespace is necessary.
2015-07-15 Pavan BalajiFix management of -g in CFLAGS.
2015-07-02 Pavan BalajiRemove unnecessary asm checks for nemesis.
2015-06-04 Lena OdenCheck if type_tag is agnostic to modifiers.
2015-05-28 Ken Raffenettifixup for [90100837]
2015-04-29 Pavan BalajiCleaned up the management of wrapper flags in MPICH.
2015-04-29 Pavan BalajiRemove MPICHLIB_LDFLAGS/LIBS
2015-04-29 Ken Raffenettitsuite: disable namepub tests when not configured
2015-04-17 Junchao ZhangEnhance F08 buildiface to auto-set int kinds of c_Ain...
2015-04-17 Junchao ZhangEnhance F08 buildiface to auto-set compile time constants
2015-04-17 Junchao ZhangRevise F08 binding build system
2015-04-15 Min SiFixed the Fortran common symbol issue on Mac.
2015-01-04 Ken Raffenettidisable libtool versioning for embedded libraries
2015-01-04 Ken Raffenettiremove mpl/opa libs from external flags when embedded
2014-11-03 Huiwei LuFixes configure.ac when no fortran is found
2014-10-31 Wesley BlandFix configure related to --enable-error-checking
2014-10-17 Pavan BalajiAllow ROMIO to propagate library dependencies to MPICH.
2014-09-26 Ken Raffenettiadd libraries needed to build MPICH to EXTERNAL_LIBS
2014-09-03 Pavan BalajiUpdate configure comment based on EXTERNAL_LIBS changes.
2014-09-03 Pavan BalajiDo not duplicate external and wrapper libs.
2014-09-03 Pavan BalajiCleanup external and internal libraries.
2014-09-03 Pavan BalajiTrack external libraries separately instead of in LIBS.
2014-08-29 Ken Raffenettirely on interlib dependencies in compile wrappers
2014-08-01 Pavan BalajiMerge F90 and F2008 enabling.
2014-07-07 Antonio J. PenaRemove MPICH_ATTR_WEAK_ALIAS macro
2014-06-26 Antonio J. PenaFix support for --program-prefix/-suffix options
2014-06-26 Antonio J. PenaRevert "Remove MPICXX_NAME and MPICPP_NAME."
2014-06-11 Antonio J. PenaSwitched -D_REENTRANT from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
2014-06-11 Antonio J. PenaAdded support for thread-safe errno in Solaris
2014-05-19 Pavan BalajiRemove mpd.
2014-05-08 Michael BlocksomeDocument the 'MPIFCLIBNAME' configure environment variable
2014-05-01 Ken Raffenettiisolate F08 binding configure tests
2014-05-01 Pavan Balajibuild system fixes for f08
2014-05-01 Junchao ZhangUpdate the build system to include F08 binding
2014-05-01 Junchao ZhangAdd an almost complete F08 binding with dir re-arranged
2014-04-29 Ken Raffenettimove the F77 compiler tests later in configure
2014-04-27 Pavan BalajiRemove the --enable-f90 option.
2014-04-27 Pavan BalajiReenable --enable-f77 and --enable-fc options.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiUpdate documentation to reflect the change to --disable...
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiMake "F77" an expert-level setting.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiMove mpif90 to mpifort and manf90.txt to manfort.txt.
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiAllow libmpl/opa to be merged into libmpi (or libpmpi).
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiRemove MPICXX_NAME and MPICPP_NAME.
2014-04-02 Huiwei LuFixes default optimization flags
2014-04-02 Pavan BalajiAdd backward compatibility symlinks.
2014-04-02 Pavan BalajiMerge libmpif77 and libmpifort.
2014-04-02 Pavan BalajiUse library dependencies.
2014-04-01 Pavan BalajiMake binding automake conditional names consistent.
2014-04-01 Pavan BalajiRename mpich libraries.
2014-03-21 Junchao ZhangRename Fortran binding directories.
2014-03-17 Antonio J. PenaFixed configure when disabling f77/fc
2014-03-13 Huiwei LuAdds configuration check for lock-free option
2014-02-02 Pavan BalajiRevamp how enable-fast is used.
2014-01-31 Pavan BalajiDelete some windows-related code.