hwloc: null check for cpuset
[mpich-dev.git] / autogen.sh
2017-12-08 Ken RaffenettiRevert "autogen: Get rid of glibtool checks."
2017-11-30 Yanfei Guoautogen: fix submodule check for release script
2017-11-20 Yanfei Guomaint: remove required patches to the submodules.
2017-11-13 Wesley BlandUse regular patch files instead of git patches
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajihwloc: locally maintained patches
2017-11-10 Pavan Balajihwloc: added a submodule for hwloc 1.11.8
2017-11-08 Ken RaffenettiRevert "confdb: remove unnecessary confdb copies"
2017-11-08 Ken RaffenettiRevert "autogen: add a sanity check for submodule initi...
2017-11-08 Ken RaffenettiRevert "hydra: converted hydra to a submodule."
2017-11-07 Halim Amerizem: integration to the build system
2017-11-06 Wesley Blandautogen: Ignore submodule dirs that do not exist
2017-11-02 Pavan Balajimaint: move patches to a common directory
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiautogen: add a sanity check for submodule initialization.
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiautogen: remove unused dead code.
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiofi: added a submodule for libfabric v1.5.1
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajihydra: converted hydra to a submodule.
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiconfdb: remove unnecessary confdb copies
2017-11-01 Pavan Balajiucx: added a submodule for ucx v1.2.1
2017-10-26 Ken Raffenettich4/ucx: Add support for embedded ucx source
2017-10-17 Pavan Balajiautogen: Get rid of glibtool checks.
2017-10-17 Pavan Balajiautogen: Get rid of MPICH_AUTOTOOLS_DIR.
2017-08-28 Halim Amerautogen: avoid running find on the whole tree
2017-08-18 Halim Amerautogen: use relative path for cxx.vlist
2017-06-06 Ken RaffenettiSpecify Perl paths relative to current directory
2016-10-03 Wesley BlandCH4/OFI: Enable forced embedding
2016-05-06 Pavan BalajiMake MPIR, MPIU, MPID, MPII, MPICH namespace consistent.
2015-12-23 Ken Raffenettiintegrate MPL with ROMIO
2015-11-12 Ken Raffenettiautogen.sh: bump required libtool version
2015-05-06 Ken RaffenettiRevert "Patched libtool for inter-library dependency...
2015-04-28 Min SiPatched libtool for inter-library dependency on FreeBSD.
2015-02-09 Ken Raffenettirequire libtool >= 2.4.3
2015-02-09 Ken Raffenettirequire automake >= 1.15
2015-01-07 Ken Raffenettipatch libtool for ifort on darwin
2015-01-05 Wesley BlandBring test suite version in line with MPICH
2014-06-25 Antonio J. PenaChange patch's --forward flag for short equivalent
2014-05-19 Pavan BalajiRemove mpd.
2014-05-01 Junchao ZhangUpdate the build system to include F08 binding
2014-04-23 Pavan BalajiCleanup mpicxx.h.in rebuild logic.
2014-04-15 Pavan BalajiCreate a dummy function that calls all ROMIO public...
2014-04-02 Michael Blocksomeadd support for powerpcle
2014-03-21 Junchao ZhangRename Fortran binding directories.
2014-02-26 Pavan BalajiRemove armci-mpi.
2014-01-31 Pavan BalajiDelete some windows-related code.
2013-12-19 Junchao ZhangImplement extractcvars, which extracts cvar info.
2013-10-30 William GroppForce ordering of functions in C++ binding
2013-10-27 Junchao ZhangRename mpich_params.{c,h} to mpich_cvars.{c,h}
2013-09-12 William GroppRemoved trailing blank
2013-09-12 William GroppFail instead of continuing with broken environment
2013-08-03 Antonio J. PenaRegenerate configure after patching libtool.m4
2013-07-30 Xin ZhaoFixed touch command option order
2013-07-26 Antonio J. PenaPatch libtool.m4 after every autoreconf and fix timestamp.
2013-07-22 Antonio J. PenaSmall fix after 80ad7cf8 to fix ticket #1870.
2013-07-20 Antonio J. PenaSmall fix after 8cf54f1 fixing ticket #1870.
2013-07-18 Antonio J. PenaFixes ticket #1870.
2013-02-21 William GroppFiles that were modified to supprt the tests of user...
2013-01-16 Dave Goodellautogen.sh: just copy "externals"
2013-01-12 Dave Goodellautogen.sh: use `cp -pPR` instead of `cp -a`
2013-01-07 Dave Goodellremove SVN version check from autogen.sh
2013-01-07 Dave GoodellSquashed 'src/openpa/' content from commit b48b33c
2013-01-07 Dave Goodelldelete "relative" svn:externals dirs
2012-12-26 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10804] Missed out some mpich2 --> mpich renames.
2012-10-24 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10446] Rename MPICH2 to MPICH.
2012-10-19 David Goodell[svn-r10419] autogen.sh: update for MPE removal
2012-09-27 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10276] Create rlog's configure.
2012-09-05 David Goodell[svn-r10198] delete simplemake remnants
2012-09-04 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10187] Cleanup mpix functionality:
2012-08-30 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10173] Remove internally maintained pgcc patch...
2012-08-30 Pavan Balaji[svn-r10171] Get rid of unnecessary code/tex from the...
2012-08-09 David Goodell[svn-r10119] autogen.sh: don't pass "-f" to patch
2012-08-09 David Goodell[svn-r10118] autogen.sh: suppress "not found" msgs...
2012-05-17 David Goodell[svn-r9907] autogen.sh: attempt to use glibtoolize...
2012-02-28 Pavan Balaji[svn-r9549] Move maint/updatefiles to autogen.sh to...