descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeTue, 26 Aug 2014 03:15:59 +0000
3 days ago Wesley BlandExpand search for comm_ptr master
3 days ago Wesley BlandRevoke any node aware "subcommunicators" as well
3 days ago Wesley BlandDon't put revoked requests into the receive queue
3 days ago Wesley BlandFix error case for MPIDI_Request_create_null_rreq
3 days ago Wesley BlandFix some problems with get_all_failed at larger scales
3 days ago Huiwei LuAdds a canceling case for barrier_smp_intra
3 days ago Wesley BlandCorrectly report the error class in receive queue
6 days ago Rob Lathamscalable system-hints processing
6 days ago Rob Lathamsystemwide-hints: no need for stat
6 days ago Rob Lathamdeferred open refinement: sync from only aggs
7 days ago Pavan BalajiFix state declarations in netmods.
7 days ago Junchao ZhangAdded more F08 + TS29113 compiler capability checks
7 days ago Junchao ZhangAdded asynchronous attribute to newcomm of MPI_Comm_idup
7 days ago Junchao ZhangAdd some missing subroutines in the F08 binding
9 days ago Norio YamaguchiFix memory leak in netmod-IB
9 days ago Junchao ZhangFix MPI_Aint casting bugs in F77/90 bindings
47 hours ago new-rma-clean
3 days ago master
4 days ago ulfm
2 weeks ago adlb-mpit
2 weeks ago new-op-rma
4 weeks ago new-op-rma-flush-ack-hack
4 weeks ago mpich-argobots-del-cond
5 weeks ago mpich-argobots
5 weeks ago new-op-rma-fence
6 weeks ago rma-scale-thread-pool
6 weeks ago rma-scale-thread
6 weeks ago rma-scale-thread-2
7 weeks ago rma-oplist-scale
8 weeks ago rma-oplist-thread
2 months ago rma-opt-ver6
2 months ago multirma-fix