descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeFri, 12 Feb 2016 19:04:14 +0000
7 hours ago Adam T. MoodyFix fall-through bug in external32 pack master
7 hours ago Rob Lathamthe 'status' field was being used uninitialized
7 hours ago Rob LathamA comment about our use of MPIU_trmalloc
31 hours ago Charles J Archerconfdb/aclocal_libs.m4: PAC_SET_HEADER_LIB_PATH fixup
7 days ago Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/spawn: remove xfail for spawn-rootargs
7 days ago Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/spawn: fixup spawn-rootargs test
7 days ago Ken Raffenettipm/hydra: fix pmi mcmd interleaving problem
7 days ago Yanfei GuoMake string CVAR case-insensitive
9 days ago Rob Lathamuse libunwind only when both header and lib available
10 days ago Ken fixup help string
2016-01-29 Pavan Balajivalgrind: explicitly initialize bytes.
2016-01-29 Pavan Balajihydra: cleanup resources before exiting.
2016-01-29 Pavan Balajimailmap: git shortlog cleanup.
2016-01-29 Pavan BalajiBug-fix: protect multi-threading variables.
2016-01-29 Pavan Balajiromio: use MPL_malloc and friends instead of MPL_trmalloc.
2016-01-29 Pavan Balajifixup comments with the current macro name.
6 months ago v3.2b4 tagging 'v3.2b4'
8 months ago v3.2b3 tagging 'v3.2b3'
9 months ago v3.2b2 tagging 'v3.2b2'
10 months ago v3.2b1 tagging 'v3.2b1'
11 months ago v3.1.4 tagging 'v3.1.4'
14 months ago v3.2a2 tagging v3.2a2
16 months ago sfinetmod-drop7-release SFI Netmod drop7 release.
16 months ago v3.1.3 tagging 'v3.1.3'
16 months ago sfi-drop7
16 months ago sfiadi-drop7
16 months ago sfiadi-drop7-release
17 months ago v3.2a1 tagging v3.2a1
18 months ago v3.1.2 tagging 'v3.1.2'
19 months ago v0.75 MPICH ADI to match .75 SFI
19 months ago v0.75-netmod Tag matching SFI v0.75
19 months ago pre-v0.75-netmod Early v0.75 tag to be shared with...
3 hours ago hcoll
3 hours ago ch4/ucx-rma
7 hours ago ch4/stable
7 hours ago master
10 hours ago mpi-argobots
24 hours ago ch4/ucx
2 days ago unalign-fix-0209
4 days ago hcoll_fix
4 days ago sched-cleanup
7 days ago unalign-fix-0206
9 days ago ch4/shm-cleanup
10 days ago rlog_stuf
10 days ago comsplit_commonfs
2 weeks ago label-warnings
2 weeks ago wbland/coll_revamp
2 weeks ago unalign-fix