descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeFri, 19 Dec 2014 22:15:44 +0000
2 days ago Paul Coffmanbarrier in close whenever shared files supported master
3 days ago Ken Raffenettihydra: fix zero-length format string warnings
4 days ago Junchao ZhangFix a typo in mpivar.c
4 days ago Junchao ZhangFix misleading text in doc for error code MPI_ERR_TYPE
5 days ago Xin ZhaoSimplify epoch checking in Win_lock
5 days ago Xin ZhaoBug-fix: store lock entry pointer in request even data...
5 days ago Xin ZhaoBug-fix: first dequeue lock entry from queue, then...
5 days ago Xin ZhaoChange function name: set_lock_sync_counter -> handle_l...
5 days ago Xin ZhaoAdd check no_locks info in set_info function.
5 days ago Xin ZhaoSetting infos in win_init function.
5 days ago Xin ZhaoAvoid memcpy if we decided to drop current op data.
5 days ago Xin ZhaoSupport handling different LOCK ACKs
5 days ago Xin ZhaoTracking current buffered lock data on each window
5 days ago Xin ZhaoDelete MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_UNLOCK_ACK flag
5 days ago Xin ZhaoModify ACK of op with both LOCK and UNLOCK (FLUSH)...
5 days ago Xin ZhaoModify send_lock_ack_pkt function to contain flags.
21 min ago scalable-rma
2 days ago master
3 days ago anysource-fix
6 days ago scalable-rma-defragmentation
6 days ago mpi-argobots
2 weeks ago scalable-rma-mxmrma-clean-rebased
4 weeks ago mutex-bench-debug
2 months ago fix-rma-types
6 months ago medusa
13 months ago medusa-old
22 months ago portals-work