descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeTue, 24 Nov 2015 19:04:43 +0000
23 hours ago Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/pt2pt/mprobe: remove temporary ifdefs master
3 days ago Pavan BalajiMark spawn-rootargs as an xfail again.
4 days ago Pavan BalajiEnable some more xfail tests.
6 days ago Ken Raffenettipm/hydra/topo: better debug string management
6 days ago Ken Raffenettich3/netmod/ofi: use MPI_Aint for count
11 days ago Rob Lathamremove duplicate error label
11 days ago William GroppImprove "attempt to redefine" warning message
11 days ago Rob Lathamavoid rare but possible divide-by-zero
13 days ago Ken bump required libtool version
2015-11-10 Pavan BalajiUpdate version string for the 3.2 release.
2015-11-03 Ken Raffenettitest/mpi/.gitignore: add missing f90 test
2015-11-02 Pavan BalajiUpdate version number of release.
2015-11-02 Ken Raffenettich3/vc: changes to node id mapping
2015-11-02 Ken Raffenettich3/vc: set g_num_nodes directly from mapping
2015-10-30 Hari Subramonitest/mpi/pt2pt: check large message count
2015-10-29 Yanfei Guomaint: remove Jenkins scripts
4 months ago v3.2b4 tagging 'v3.2b4'
5 months ago v3.2b3 tagging 'v3.2b3'
7 months ago v3.2b2 tagging 'v3.2b2'
8 months ago v3.2b1 tagging 'v3.2b1'
9 months ago v3.1.4 tagging 'v3.1.4'
12 months ago v3.2a2 tagging v3.2a2
13 months ago sfinetmod-drop7-release SFI Netmod drop7 release.
13 months ago v3.1.3 tagging 'v3.1.3'
13 months ago sfi-drop7
13 months ago sfiadi-drop7
13 months ago sfiadi-drop7-release
14 months ago v3.2a1 tagging v3.2a1
16 months ago v3.1.2 tagging 'v3.1.2'
16 months ago v0.75 MPICH ADI to match .75 SFI
16 months ago v0.75-netmod Tag matching SFI v0.75
17 months ago pre-v0.75-netmod Early v0.75 tag to be shared with...
23 hours ago master
38 hours ago ch4/stable
44 hours ago improved-pb
6 days ago exper-locks
7 days ago ch4/ucx
7 days ago hw-rma
2 weeks ago mpi-argobots
2 weeks ago test-many-isend
3 weeks ago comsplit_comonfs
4 weeks ago ch4/charles-review
4 weeks ago comsplit_commonfs
4 weeks ago unalign-fix
4 weeks ago mpich-v3.1.4-base
2 months ago sse/fix-abt-sendrecv-example
2 months ago recursive-locks
2 months ago io-deadlock-fix