descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeFri, 1 Aug 2014 03:34:03 +0000
8 hours ago Pavan BalajiAdded F08 support to the CHANGES file. master
8 hours ago Pavan BalajiMerge F90 and F2008 enabling.
14 hours ago Junchao ZhangChanged comments from fixed form C to free form !
17 hours ago artem.v.yalozoHydra Windows Compilation: Distinguish struct and varia...
21 hours ago Ken Raffenettiportals4: implement cancel_recv and anysource_matched
21 hours ago Ken Raffenettiportals4: set destination in send request object
21 hours ago Ken Raffenettich3: Call netmod cancel functions
21 hours ago Wesley BlandMark new tests as xfail
21 hours ago Wesley BlandCH3_ISENDV must correctly set mpi_errno
21 hours ago Wesley BlandAdd some basic resilience to allred_group
21 hours ago Wesley BlandDon't check the tag if the coll op completed with error
21 hours ago Wesley BlandChange MPID_Comm_valid_ptr to optionally ignore revoke
21 hours ago Wesley BlandAdd MPIX_Comm_agree
21 hours ago Wesley BlandAdd MPIX_Comm_shrink functionality
21 hours ago Wesley BlandAdd check for revoked communicator
21 hours ago Wesley BlandAdd MPI_Comm_revoke
74 min ago new-op-rma
8 hours ago master
38 hours ago ulfm
2 days ago new-op-rma-flush-ack-hack
5 days ago mpich-argobots-del-cond
9 days ago mpich-argobots
10 days ago new-op-rma-fence
2 weeks ago rma-scale-thread-pool
2 weeks ago rma-scale-thread
2 weeks ago rma-scale-thread-2
3 weeks ago rma-oplist-scale
4 weeks ago rma-oplist-thread
4 weeks ago rma-opt-ver6
6 weeks ago multirma-fix
6 weeks ago medusa
2 months ago commsplit