descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeFri, 23 Jan 2015 20:59:49 +0000
37 hours ago Rob Lathamfix issue with small i/o and big datatypes master
37 hours ago Rob Lathamclean up 64-to-32 bit casts
37 hours ago Rob LathamTweak MPIDU_Datatype_debug output
2 days ago Huiwei LuFT: Fixes ref counts in shrink and agree
2 days ago Wesley BlandFix for MPIX_COMM_AGREE to not return incorrect errors
8 days ago Su Huang PAMID:MP_STATISTICS=print will cause mpi hw case coredump
9 days ago Wesley BlandRefactor MPI_Testall to have an MPIR version
10 days ago Rob Lathamuse PATH_MAX instead of magic number
10 days ago Rob Lathammake ADIOI_Shfp_fname report errors
10 days ago Charles J ArcherUpdates to latest OFI pre-1.0 release
11 days ago Wesley BlandRemove ADI breakage introduced earlier
11 days ago Wesley BlandMove MPID_Comm_AS_enabled to MPID layer function
12 days ago Wesley BlandChange MPIDI_CH3I_Comm_AS_enabled to be MPID level
12 days ago Wesley BlandHandle anysource in blocking recv functions
12 days ago Wesley BlandMake anysource test more accurate
12 days ago Wesley BlandAllow MPIR_Request_complete to take a NULL request
37 hours ago master
41 hours ago reduce-rma-pkt-size
2 weeks ago scalable-rma
3 weeks ago rma-req-functions
5 weeks ago scalable-rma-defragmentation
5 weeks ago mpi-argobots
7 weeks ago scalable-rma-mxmrma-clean-rebased
2 months ago mutex-bench-debug
3 months ago fix-rma-types
7 months ago medusa
15 months ago medusa-old
2 years ago portals-work