descriptionMPICH development branches
last changeWed, 23 Jul 2014 13:53:42 +0000
25 hours ago Pavan BalajiWhite-space cleanup. master
35 hours ago Pavan BalajiRevert "mpid: Add cancel_recv and cancel_send netmod...
38 hours ago Igor Ivanovmpid: Add cancel_recv and cancel_send netmod calls
38 hours ago Igor Ivanovnetmod/mxm: Add mxm netmod
41 hours ago Ken Raffenettiportals4: correct MPIU_Assert conditional
41 hours ago Ken Raffenettiportals4: swap arguments to MPIU_Memcpy
2 days ago Pavan BalajiCreated an enum for packet flags.
2 days ago Pavan BalajiAllow channel packet handlers in the CH3 structure.
2 days ago Pavan BalajiRemove unnecessary typedef.
2 days ago Pavan BalajiDon't start enums with 0.
2 days ago Pavan BalajiClean up commas.
2 days ago Junchao ZhangMention BG/Q enhancements in CHANGES
2 days ago Junchao ZhangUpgraded revison number and release number
2 days ago Junchao ZhangUpdate CHANGES for 3.1.2 release
4 days ago Pavan BalajiAdd Sangmin to user/install guides.
4 days ago Su HuangNon-blocking collectives have no validity check for...
42 min ago ulfm
19 hours ago new-op-rma
25 hours ago master
42 hours ago mpich-argobots
2 days ago new-op-rma-fence
12 days ago rma-scale-thread-pool
12 days ago rma-scale-thread
12 days ago rma-scale-thread-2
2 weeks ago rma-oplist-scale
3 weeks ago rma-oplist-thread
3 weeks ago rma-opt-ver6
5 weeks ago multirma-fix
5 weeks ago medusa
8 weeks ago commsplit
2 months ago rma-opt-ver4
2 months ago rma-opt-ver3