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last changeMon, 14 Dec 2015 16:48:44 +0000
2015-12-14 William GroppAdd test that PMPI works (can fail if Darshan is the... master
2015-12-14 William GroppAlso needed for error routine update to const
2015-12-14 William GroppUpdate routines in backup error string handling to...
2015-12-09 William GroppFix bug in configure test caused by using [] in test...
2015-12-09 William GroppUpdate INSTALL to note that ./configure may work
2015-12-09 William GroppMinor update for coding style
2015-12-09 William GroppUse PAC_MPI macros to get default compilers for C,...
2015-12-09 William GroppAdded MPI compiler macros from buildenv
2015-12-02 William GroppUpdate version to 2.4.9b
2015-12-02 William GroppCorrect fix for bug in MPI-3 comm routines
2015-12-02 William GroppFixed missing deref on address of comm_out
2015-12-02 William GroppCorrected test for const in MPI prototypes
2015-12-02 William GroppAdded dependency for included files
2015-12-02 William GroppHandle removed MPI-1 routines with const
2015-12-02 William GroppCorrected the argument types in several cases
2015-09-28 William GroppFix enable-PIC help string
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6 years ago v1.0.7rc1 Tagging mpe-1.0.7rc1
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